In Belgium we stay in a town called Sint Maria Horebeke. It’s in the total centrum of the Ronde van Vlaanderen route. All the classical and famous hills are close by.

This year we had a new car instead of our old Volvo 945.

Belgium is beautiful. A wonderful place.

This year’s first race in Belgium, E3 Prijs Harelbeke. A race similar to the Tour of Flandern but smaller. Some of the big stars like Cancellara rides this one as a preparation for the big race.

The peloton comes quite slowly.

Robert Wagner was forced down in the ditch by a race VIP car. He was not happy and even broke his shinbone. As you can see, the road is concrete blocks with fairly sharp edges.

It was tight on the narrow roads.

Koppenberg. With a maximum of 22% even the pros have problems climbing this one in a race like Ronde van Vlaanderen. Below are some more pics from the legendary cobbled climb.

This is our hotel in Sint Maria Horebeke. Great place with great people.

Three days De Panne went right through our place and out on Haaghoek.

Lots of people out in the sun, watching the race go past two times.

As said. Narrow roads. Some cyclists even ride in the dirt beside the actual road because it’s easier and more comfortable.

This is at the start of I think second stage in Three days De Panne in Oudenaarde. We were down there, looking at some really nice bikes…

..and Gabbi talked with her friends.

On the same day that the men ride Ronde van Vlaanderen, the women do it too. Here is Emma Johansson just outside Horebeke.

The men’s peloton.

Emilia Fahlin at the end of Molenberg.

Sylvain Chavanel in a breakaway on Haaghoek.

After him, the chasers.

And the peloton.